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We Build For People


At Lilley Construction, we are more than builders; we are a family-focused company with a deep-rooted connection to our community, driven by a passion for construction and a love for life's simple pleasures.

Colby also owns the well-known local business, Island Time Tan, adding a vibrant touch to the Livingston community. As a family, the Lilleys find solace and strength in their faith, attending the First Baptist Church of Livingston, TX. Their commitment to family, community, and faith reflects the values that underpin Lilley Construction, where every project is approached with dedication, care, and a sense of purpose.


Beyond the construction world, Lilley Construction is a family-driven endeavor led by our co-founders, Douglas and Colby Lilley. Douglas, along with his wife Colby, enjoys the simple joys of life. Together, they cherish their time raising their three beautiful children and nurturing their high fence ranch, High Ridge  Whitetails, where they lovingly care for animals and embrace the tranquility of nature.

At Lilley Construction, we are your trusted partners in the world of construction. Established as a sister company to Metal Buildings of Texas, we bring decades of expertise to the table. Our commitment to excellence, unmatched craftsmanship, and dedication to client satisfaction define who we are.


With a wide range of services, including commercial and residential construction, custom projects, barndominiums, and high fence game ranches, we have the knowledge and skills to turn your construction dreams into reality. Our team works diligently, ensuring every project meets the highest industry standards and aligns perfectly with your vision. When you choose Lilley Construction, you choose quality, integrity, and a partnership built on trust.


Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

We are absolutely thrilled with our new custom home! It is absolutely gorgeous and the building process with Doug was great! He handled small issues with quick responses and we loved all of the crews that were sent to our house for inside construction on our metal home! Would recommend them a million times!

Livingston, Texas

Bridgett and Douglas have been there for me every step of the way. i have found that every member of Douglas's team has been friendly and has anwered my questions. I highly recommend this company! 
Kathy Radcliffe. 5 stars!!!!

Livingston, Texas

My family & I moved to Texas from Louisiana this year after our homes and city was destroyed by Hurricane Ida. I knew we wanted to build out a barndominimum home & am so thankful to have found Metal Buildings of Texas. Not only was their price in our building budget but they were the only company within our region that could build in our timeframe. They were incredibly easy to work with and always gave the best customer service. If you’re looking to buy, I’d suggest speaking with Joy Ward.

Brie Romichaux
Livingston, Texas

At Lilley Construction, our mission is to empower your dreams through exceptional construction solutions. With a steadfast commitment to quality, integrity, and client satisfaction, we bring your vision to life, one project at a time. We embrace innovation and deliver excellence, ensuring that every structure we create stands as a testament to our dedication and craftsmanship. As a family-driven company deeply rooted in our community, we take pride in shaping a better future through the art of construction. Your dream, our mission.

Crafting Your Vision with Precision


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